I.V.F. Without a Partner with NYT Contributor Alicia Lombardini.

We had a wonderful conversation with one of Dr. Luk’s amazing patients, Alicia Lombardini! Ms. Lombardini is a stylist and fashion consultant. In her journey to become a mother, she had attempted IVF several times and across several countries. One clinic even rejected her because she had a “1-2%” chance of getting pregnant with her own eggs. Then she met Dr. Luk, and the rest was history. At age 46, Alicia gave birth to a beautiful and healthy baby boy named Romeo using her own egg.

Pregnancy & COVID-19 with Dr. Nejat & Dr. Fox

Watch this video with Dr. Edward Nejat and Dr. Nathan Fox (Maternal Fetal Medicine Associates) as they collaborate to discuss the effect of COVID-19 on pregnant women and fetuses. The First Wave’s curve is plateauing, they talk about what happens next!

Positive Thinking with Guest Puja

Watch this video where Dr. Luk discusses positive thinking in the midst of negative surroundings with Puja, one of our patients!

“I am a television producer for over 20 years. I started my career at Fox Morning show and now I am working for different networks on various shows. Through hard work and determination I’ve been successful in landing my dreams. But one fight has been the hardest with Hardly any success, getting pregnant! Just like this picture, shows two roads leading on two different paths, infertility is made of two paths as well; pregnant or not!”

Diminished Ovarian Reserve Part 2

Dr. Luk discusses the different types of treatment and adjustment to protocol for women with diminished ovarian reserve. Watch this video where Dr. Luk continues to answer all your questions regarding diminished ovarian reserve and pregnancy during this virtual Heart to Heart on Facebook Live.

Diminished Ovarian Reserve Part 1

“I have high FSH and low AMH, what does that mean?” “What is Clomid and can I use it to help me?” A lot of women come to me with diminished ovarian reserve who may think their chances of getting pregnant have long surpassed. Especially during the COVID-19 situation, you may be feeling anxious because you feel as if time is running out, but you are stuck at home. I am here to inform you throughout these unprecedented times and help ease your mind. Watch this video where Dr. Luk answers all your questions regarding diminished ovarian reserve and pregnancy during this virtual Heart to Heart on Facebook Live.

Discussing resilience live with Kate Schelter.

Watch this video where Dr. Luk discusses the topic of resilience with one of our former patients, Kate Schelter. Kate struggled with infertility for 5 years and she is currently writing a book about her IVF journey. She’s writing this book to openly share her experience with women who face the same emotional challenges.

Let’s talk about SEX (and COVID-19), baby!

🎶Let’s talk about sex (and COVID-19) baby…Let’s talk about all the good things, and the bad things that may be.🎶
Is it safe to have sex with my partner? Is now a good time to try to conceive? I’m afraid to go outside, should I try timed intercourse at home? Watch this video where I answer your questions during our virtual Heart to Heart session on Instagram Live.

Heart to Heart with Dr. Luk During the Pandemic.

Watch this video!