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Dr. Luk

Dr. Luk has been hailed as the specialist who is breaking barriers in the world of IVF and fertility treatment. Her unique approach of low medication coupled with individualized treatment plans continue to yield results that are changing the world for the better, one successful pregnancy at a time.

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Learning Fertility

Your eggs are evaluated in a couple of different ways. Learn more on fertility here.

PGS Screening

Learn more about Pre-implantation Genetic Screening here. What’s involved and how it works.

Egg Freezing

We undergo strict measures to ensure responsible egg freezing. Read more.


We are proud to serve our LGBTQ community, read more on the various scenarios you might opt for IVF.

Donor Treatments & Gestational

Click to read more on donor options.


We will monitor you to see when you will be ovulating next. Click to learn more.


IUI is usually the next step to take after you have been unable to get pregnant via intercourse with a partner.


Click to see our IVF services and more about our clinic, including more on Dr Luk.

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