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What Makes Generation Next Fertility the Best in New York City?

Every single treatment you receive at Generation Next Fertility is custom tailored to you. We believe that YOU should have control over your fertility journey and our #1 goal is to have your dreams come true.

We are adamant that you deserve the highest quality of compassion, care, and communication in your treatment.

SlideNatural IVFivfivfNatural IVF Treatment

Natural IVF Treatment is a fertilization process that requires less medications and injections than traditional forms of IVF.

ivfivfMild IVF Treatment

Mild IVF Treatment is a similar process but uses a mild dosage of drugs to help with fertility.

Traditional IVF Treatment

Traditional IVF Treatment is a form of in vitro fertilization using high stimulation that’s designed to help couples overcome issues of infertility.

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SlideEgg Freezing

Egg Freezing

The peak of a human being career is usually in the late 30s and it takes time to get there. If during this journey you have not found your significant other, egg freezing becomes a tool for your next stage in life.

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Uterine TestingUterine Testing Semen AnalysisSemen Analysis Fallopian Tube TestingFallopian Tube Testing Egg TestingEgg Testing

Fertility Testing

SlideIntrauterine Insemination

Intrauterine Insemination

IUI is usually the next step to take after you have been unable to get pregnant via intercourse with a partner. On the day of the insemination, the sperm is prepared by our andrology team two hours prior to the insemination, so in the event that your partner will be providing the sample, he will have his own appointment time.

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SlideDonor EggsDonor Eggs Donor SpermDonor Sperm Gestational CarrierGestational Carrier Third Party Reproduction


Timed Intercourse

In a timed intercourse cycle, you will be monitored at our beautiful Midtown East office through bloodwork and ultrasound to see approximately when you will be ovulating, and the physicians can then recommend which days would be best to have sexual intercourse. Timed intercourse can either be medicated or unmedicated.

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Timed Intercourse

PGT-A Genetic Testing

PGT-A (Genetic Testing)

PGT-A (preimplantation genetic testing for aneuploidies) (PGS) (Embryo testing) is a genetic test performed on embryos produced through ICSI. PGT-A gives information about embryos’ genetic health to help your care team select the best embryo for transfer and improve your chance of achieving a successful pregnancy. PGT-A was formerly known as PGS, preimplantation genetic screening.

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