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SlideWoman In a Same Sex Relationship A large portion of patients looking to conceive using donor sperm are lesbian women. Donor Sperm is very popular as it allows one of the women to be genetically related to the child. For more information, please visit our page on LGBTQIA+ fertility services. Single Mother’s By Choice Women don’t need a partner to start a family. Having a child as a single woman is no doubt a big decision, and can be a bit overwhelming. Many of our clients have decided to be “single mothers by choice.”
At Generation Next Fertility, we will do everything to assist you throughout this process.
Heterosexual Partnerships With Severe Male Factor Infertility After treatment from a urologist, it may be recommended for a heterosexual couple to use donor sperm. Our recommended donor banks have a multitude of options to find a perfect match for the conception (either by IUI or IVF). LGBTQdonor spermdonor spermWomen in a same sex relationship

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SlideSperm DonorKnown Donor A known donor is (as the name implies, a sperm donor that you know. This can be a family member, friend, or acquaintance willing to go through the testing process and give a donation. If using a known donor, we recommend a reproductive lawyer to protect the paternal rights of all involved. Sperm DonorDonor Bank A bank donor is selected through a sperm bank. Depending on the donor’s preference this can be either an anonymous or open donation. The majority of the time, There will be no identifying information about the sperm donor provided. However, you will be given the sperm donor’s characteristics like family history, appearance, education, and more.

SlideChoosing the right fertility doctor is the best way to make sure that your dreams come true. Every patient who comes to Generation Next Fertility is treated as an individual and will receive a customized treatment plan to provide them with the best possible results. Our Physicians believe in clear communication and are committed to keeping you fully informed and empowered on your journey. With a combined experience of 50+ years, the doctors at Generation Next Fertility offer world class expertise and a dynamic skill-set that guarantees your satisfaction on every step of your path to parenthood.
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SlideFinding a sperm donor is a lot like online dating. We recommend doing thorough research when trying to find the best match for you. If you plan on using a known donor, we recommend getting in contact with a reproductive lawyer to make sure everyone’s reproductive rights are covered. If you’re using a sperm bank, you can look through the list of Generation Next Approved sperm banks for possible donors. step two: research Donor Sperm

SlideCMV Status: For now you can explore the various sperm banks, however we do not recommend selecting a donor until we have your CMV results. Here is some more information about CMV and how it can affect potential pregnancies: Learn More Genetic Carrier Screening Results: If you are a carrier of a disease-causing mutation, you need to ensure your sperm donor is not a mutual carrier to reduce the risk of offspring that actually have the disease. Otherwise, you can also select a donor that is negative for all diseases tested (make sure they had a full panel run, which should be around 284 diseases). STEP THREE TESTING Before making a final sperm donor selection, it is important to make sure all screenings are complete. These tests include: Medical Testing

SlideDonor SpermWe recommend that you purchase “IUI Ready,” sperm for best results, no matter the procedure that the sample is being used for in order to ensure the best possible results.

It’s important that your donor sperm arrive at Generation Next Fertility at the start of your treatment cycle. Simply have it shipped directly utilizing an approved courier to our Midtown East office and we will have it ready for your treatment.
STEP FOUR Receiving Your Donor Sperm

SlideDonor sperm can be used in a multitude of infertility treatments. It can be used in IUI, IVF, and Donor Egg IVF. No matter your treatment plan, our exceptional team will be able to add donor sperm to the equation seamlessly. STEP FIVE TREATMENT
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