Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) has a longstanding history in medicine, known for its ability to help the body heal. However, its recent integration into reproductive medicine has sparked a groundbreaking shift in fertility treatments. This use of PRP in fertility treatment is a huge step forward, tapping into its natural healing abilities to make big changes in helping people become parents…

Generation Next Fertility is trailblazing the field with
the world’s first study on Ovarian PRP vs Placebo

Our research showed a remarkable increase in the percentage of healthy cells in early embryos. Before PRP, only 5% of cells were normal, but after 2 rounds of PRP therapy, this rate tripled, suggesting that PRP could potentially boost the chances of a successful pregnancy.

Dr. Jesse Hade

In our preliminary data, we’ve examined 22 patients who have gone through IVF And PRP… What we’ve identified in these individuals that – which was amazing and really is what’s driving our study – is that we found that the chromosomal normalcy rate in blastocyst went from 5% in the First Cycle (Prior to starting PRP) going to 10% and then eventually 15% with each subsequent additional PRP Therapy.