Using Donor Eggs

We understand that fertility has likely been a journey for you and that you did not come to the decision to use donor eggs lightly. Whether you found out that your ovaries are no longer producing eggs, have already had a few unsuccessful IVF cycles, or are a male looking to build a family, donor eggs can be a very successful option. We want to help you take control of your fertility journey and encourage you to keep an open mind for the choices offered below. It can be a simpler process than you think! 

At Generation Next, we offer two options for patients in our egg donation program.

Fresh egg donor program 

In this program, recipients receive fresh eggs from a donor who undergoes a controlled ovarian stimulation cycle at our center. 

Fresh donors can be known (a relative or friend) or anonymous (someone that you do not know and is recruited to donate by either our center or an agency).


Frozen egg donor program

In this program, recipients purchase frozen eggs from an egg bank.  The donor has already completed the cycle and the eggs have already been frozen (cryopreserved).  

This process is one of the most straightforward and quickest ways to obtain eggs for IVF.  Since the donor has completed all screenings and the cycle, the frozen eggs are available in the bank, meaning that there is no waiting required! 

Process of Using Donor Eggs

1. Consult 

We invite you to come to our office for a consultation with one of our doctors and donor coordinators to learn more about the specifics of using donor eggs.  Generally, patients who are good candidates to use donor eggs are in good overall health and feel comfortable using donated reproductive material.  At this time, we will walk you through the process, discuss your options, and discuss if donor eggs would be a good choice. 


2. Pick Your Donor 

You will first decide if you are planning to use fresh or frozen eggs. Finances are something to consider in this decision as the costs of using frozen donor eggs is lower than traditional fresh egg donation.  Depending on your selection, you will review the profiles of available donors to find the best match for you.  You can search on our database or use an agency or a frozen egg bank to find the donor that is best for you.  Some characteristics that recipients will consider are: medical history of the donor and her family, ethnicity, hair and eye color, and even special skills.  Once you have narrowed down your search, one of our donor coordinators will review your top profiles and ensure that you have chosen a donor who is a good match medically.  


3. Embryo Transfer 

Once you have chosen the eggs that you will use, we will arrange the logistics of transferring the embryos into your uterus.  You will undergo various tests and an evaluation of the uterus to ensure that your body is ready to carry a pregnancy.  Your options include an embryo transfer on day 5.  If you are using a fresh egg donor, we will synchronize your cycle with the donor’s cycle to ensure that you are ready for a fresh transfer after the retrieval.   If you are using frozen eggs, we will prepare your endometrial lining and when you are ready, we will thaw the eggs and inseminate them with the sperm of your choosing (donor or partner).  Once the embryos have been created, we will transfer fresh on day 5.

Want to perform PGT-A testing of the embryos? 

If you would like to perform preimplantation genetic testing of the embryos, we can biopsy the embryos on day 5 instead of transferring.  Once biopsied we freeze the embryos and send the biopsy out for testing.  Then, whenever you are ready, and we have the results you will plan to undergo a frozen embryo transfer (FET) cycle. 


4. Follow-Up 

If we are successful and you are pregnant, we generally will follow up with you until you are about 9 weeks pregnant and ready to move on to your obstetrician. This may include weekly ultrasounds and some blood tests initially to make sure everything is progressing normally. 

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