What is Mild IVF?

Mild IVF, is a low dosage, more natural protocol that focuses on quality rather than quantity. It is similar to Traditional IVF, just with less harsh medication. All fertility treatment at Generation Next Fertility in NYC is custom tailored for your body.

Mild IVF is our signature minimal stimulation in vitro fertility treatment that offers a more gentle and holistic approach to conventional protocols. Mild IVF works to maximize the number of “quality” eggs produced in a single cycle by utilizing a low dosage of medication.

Unlike Traditional IVF, Mild IVF almost eliminates the need for painful, invasive injections by focusing on predominantly oral medication. This combination creates a less stressful, less painful, and healthier approach to infertility treatment.

The Mild IVF Protocol

Generation Next Fertility’s signature Mild IVF protocol aims to stimulate a woman’s body into producing between 3-7 healthy eggs per cycle, depending on their ovarian reserve. Rather than using a heavy dosage of fertility medication, Mild IVF protocols limits the amount of medication. With Mild IVF, your body is stimulated to produce a small (but high quality) number of eggs. Medication is predominantly oral fertility drugs with very minimal injectable medication. The resulting eggs are retrieved in an outpatient surgery, fertilized in our in-house laboratory – in vitro – and closely monitored for quality. Our incredible lab team will then select the healthiest embryo and transfer it into the uterus.

Prime Candidates for Mild IVF Treatment

Increased blastocyst formation
when compared to traditional IVF

Patients with Low Ovarian Reserve

Women who have been diagnosed with low ovarian reserve have been shown to benefit from taking less medication. With Mild IVF, the medications needed are mostly oral and are significantly gentler on the body than those used in Traditional IVF treatment.

Patients who wish to save money by avoiding
higher expenses of fertility medication

A Mild IVF protocol is more affordable (due to lower dosage) than the medication needed for Traditional IVF.

Generation Next Fertility is Revolutionizing Fertility Treatment

Generation Next Fertility in NYC has spent years doing research and constantly improving in order to create the perfect custom protocol. Mild IVF is a treatment that is not only gentle, but also healthy and accessible. We are changing the fertility industry by providing IVF (in vitro fertilization) treatment that focuses on quality over quantity and creates a move stress free environment for our patients.

What's the Difference Between Mild and Traditional IVF?

The main difference between Traditional IVF and Mild IVF is the dosage of injectable medication that is needed for ovarian stimulation. Mild IVF stimulates egg growth with low dosage oral medication and minor injections. Traditional IVF requires daily injections with a higher dosage of medication. Mild IVF produces fewer eggs per cycle, but it ultimately focuses on quality over quantity. The results of both treatment options are comparable.

How Much is Mild IVF?

Mild IVF is more affordable than other IVF procedures as the cost of medication is not as high. At Generation Next Fertility in New York City, our price for mild IVF is less than other major fertility centers in the area.

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Choosing the right fertility doctor is the best way to make sure that your dreams come true. Every patient who comes to Generation Next Fertility is treated as an individual and will receive a customized treatment plan to provide them with the best possible results. Our Physicians believe in clear communication and are committed to keeping you fully informed and empowered on your journey. With a combined experience of 50+ years, the doctors at Generation Next Fertility offer world class expertise and a dynamic skill-set that guarantees your satisfaction on every step of your path to parenthood.

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