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At Generation Next Fertility, we believe that fertility care should be customized to your body. A Natural IVF procedure is a more economical, low-dosage in vitro fertilization procedure. In a Natural IVF cycle, a patient’s cycle is closely monitored in our Midtown East fertility center in order to retrieve the egg at an ideal time.

All patients at Generation Next Fertility in New York City, will receive an in vitro fertilization (IVF) protocol that is custom tailored to their body. All of our care is specifically developed to best suit the needs of the patient.

Our signature treatment includes a natural IVF approach. Our Natural IVF and Mild IVF protocols are proven to be safe and successful. Like Mild IVF, Natural IVF is a gentle and holistic form of IVF that is easier on the body and lowers health risks associated with Conventional IVF. Natural IVF also allows you to save money due to the lower dosage of fertility drugs. Additionally, it allows you to avoid the pain and discomfort of daily fertility drug injections.

Natural IVF

Who is a Good Candidate for Natural IVF?

Here at the Generation Next Fertility in NYC, we see many patients who have been turned away at other fertility centers due to the difficulty of their case, age, or other reasons. Certain fertility clinics will reject patients that they deem difficult to get pregnant as not to disrupt their national success rankings. Many who have had a poor response to treatment are told that they will never be able to conceive. At Generation Next Fertility, we believe that you only need one good egg to have a baby.

Prime Candidates for Natural IVF

Patients with Diminished Ovarian Reserve,
High FSH, or Low AMH

Patients who are at an advanced
maternal age for fertility (over 35)

Patients who do not respond
well to fertility treatment

Patients who wish to save money by
avoiding the expense of fertility medication

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Choosing the right fertility doctor is the best way to make sure that your dreams come true. Every patient who comes to Generation Next Fertility is treated as an individual and will receive a customized treatment plan to provide them with the best possible results. Our Physicians believe in clear communication and are committed to keeping you fully informed and empowered on your journey. With a combined experience of 50+ years, the doctors at Generation Next Fertility offer world class expertise and a dynamic skill-set that guarantees your satisfaction on every step of your path to parenthood.

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