What is Preauthorization?

Prior Authorization – referred to as a “pre-authorization,” is a requirement from your health insurance company that your doctor obtain approval from your plan before it will cover the costs of a specific medicine, medical device or procedure. Sometimes called prior authorization, prior approval or precertification.

Here's an example!

A preauthorization is when, for certain situations and procedures, Generation Next has to contact your  insurers in advance and obtain a certification number in order to be reimbursed properly for the care we provide.

How Long Does Preauthorization Take?

Preauthorization for procedures generally takes about 1-2 weeks. Preauthorization for medication tends to be much faster.

What is the purpose of Preauthorization?

Preauthorization is designed to help prevent you from being prescribed medications you may not need, those that could interact dangerously with others you may be taking, or those that are potentially addictive. It’s also a way for your health insurance company to manage costs for otherwise expensive medications.

To Avoid Unwanted Healthcare Billing
Surprises, be sure to ALWAYS:

• Ask your insurance company what costs you
must pay out of pocket for your doctor visit,
test, procedure, or surgery.

• Bring your most up-to-date insurance
card(s) to every doctor appointment
and health care visit.

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