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In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness month, Generation Next Fertility will support women in the fight against breast cancer with free egg freezing through Eggtober.

At Generation Next Fertility, we are dedicated to empowering women by expanding their reproductive choices throughout their lives and helping them successfully navigate challenges to fertility.

We launched Eggtober in conjunction with Breast Cancer Awareness month because we believe a breast cancer diagnosis shouldn’t mean a woman has to give up her dream of starting a family.

We are honored to partner with women in their fight against breast cancer by bringing them customized treatment and clarity about their options.

About Eggtober

For all women who join Eggtober, Generation Next Fertility will provide a free fertility consultation, which includes guidance, treatment options and personal care.

At the end of October, we will choose 25 women diagnosed with breast cancer to receive a free egg freezing cycle in a random selection process.

Additionally, throughout the month and continuing past October, Generation Next Fertility will provide deeply discounted egg freezing and storage to all women with a breast cancer diagnosis as part of an on-going initiative to offer help and support.

About Generation Next Fertility

At Generation Next Fertility, compassionate care is more than a part of what we do; it defines everything we do.

We partner with women throughout their fertility journey, tailoring our approach to each woman’s specific needs in a process that combines individualized care and advanced technology. Helping women on their journey to starting a family is our greatest fulfillment.

To Sign Up for Eggtober, Get Started Here:

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To submit yourself to the Eggtober campaign, you must have received a breast cancer diagnosis, but not yet begun chemotherapy or other treatment.

Once you submit your demographic information above, our Eggtober team will reach out to you shortly after.

For questions relating to Eggtober, please email