In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness month, we are proud to re-launch EGGTOBER. EGGTOBER is our October initiative to support women directly affected by breast cancer by offering free egg freezing cycles. At Generation Next Fertility, we strive to empower all women with the option to one day start a family while providing them with compassionate, individualized care. With EGGTOBER, we hope to help women fighting breast cancer to broaden their fertility choices. If you or someone you know is fighting breast cancer, turn to us for help. Together, we will discuss the options available, answer your questions, and help you develop a plan that can make starting a family a possibility.

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The EGGTOBER Egg Freezing Cycle initiative will cover:

Initial & Follow Up Consultation


Egg Retrieval Procedure

IV Sedation

Egg Freezing Protocol

3 Months of Egg Storage


*Medications for the egg freezing cycle will not be covered by Generation Next Fertility.

However, we will help you apply for fertility medication coverage through different pharmaceutical programs. 

Breast cancer dramatically changes lives, Let us help you keep your options for the future.

Thank you for your interest in EGGTOBER. The application for EGGTOBER 2019 is now closed.
Stay tuned for our next EGGTOBER event in 2020.

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