Every day is a fresh start. The same goes for the beginning of every new year. Even if you’ve been trying to conceive or dealing with an infertility diagnosis for some time, it doesn’t mean you can’t discover a new-found strength or an entirely new perspective on your family building journey in 2019. One of our resolutions as a center is to have every patient who enters our doors for a fertility consultation leave with a renewed sense of hope.

This is why for 2019, we want to make you a special offer. If you do not have insurance, we will offer you a new patient consultation for $350 dollars. Why would you consider this? I’m glad you asked!

Taking the First Step

Perhaps you’ve never seen a fertility doctor before, but you’ve been concerned about your reproductive health. You may have a known concern like PCOS or endometriosis or you and your partner have been trying to conceive with no success for almost a year. It can be intimidating taking that first step and having a fertility consultation. However, the sooner you gain insight into what may be causing any concerns, the sooner you can address it. With proper diagnosis and treatment, you may not even need medical intervention to conceive but if you do, you have many options to choose from. While no one dreams of needing reproductive assistance, to know that this technology exists to help you have the family you’ve dream of can be a comfort and our team will guide and support you every step of the way to work out which one of these options are best for you.

The Power of Second Opinions

On the path to parenthood, it can be difficult to even think of seeing another doctor. Many patients feel overwhelmed by the thought of “starting over” with a new doctor or they worry about insulting the first doctor by seeking the advice from a different reproductive endocrinologist. Ultimately, this is your fertility journey and you need to do what’s right for you and having another doctor looking at your history to gain a new perspective is perfectly acceptable. In fact, Mayo Clinic researchers in 2017 found that, for 88 percent of patients, getting a second opinion found a new or more detailed diagnosis. It doesn’t mean your first doctor is a good or bad doctor. Sometimes, it’s just a matter of getting a fresh pair of eyes to look at what has or hasn’t been tried yet. In other cases, it may be one doctor’s style or approach just suits you and your personal wishes better. Some doctors are more conservative with their methods while others are more open to either out of the box ideas or mind/body approaches. Seeking out a second or even third opinion can find a whole new outlook to your fertility protocol moving forward.

Having New Hope

Hope can be a difficult word when you’re not getting pregnant. Especially if you’ve experienced unsuccessful fertility treatment or even endured miscarriages. Infertility issues can be emotionally devastating and psychologically draining. The whole Generation Next Fertility team knows this, which is why every single person who works here is sensitive and focused on providing “heart to heart” care. To us, we know each patient is a valued, special guest who we want to show the highest level of compassion, care and a whole new level of warmth to. Yes, infertility is a disease but it’s one that has so many emotions tied to it that it needs to be treated with both sensitivity and strength. We want you to succeed… and we want you to have hope again.

It’s now 2019. It’s a new year and offers new opportunities. We are wishing you every happiness and are here to help if you need us!

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