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The New York Post Announces Generation Next Fertility’s Next Big Move

The New York Post Announces Generation Next Fertility’s Next Big Move

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The New York Post called upon our Co-founder and Medical Director, Dr. Janelle Luk, to get her perspective on millenials documenting their egg freezing journey on social media. In the article, Millennials’ #eggfreezing posts are taking over Instagram, not only did we learn that she very much approves of this new movement, but also learned that she had plans to support it, big plans. 

Dr. Luk announced Generation Next Fertility will be opening a new space in its clinic in 2019! This space will be geared towards millennials who are looking to make empowered and informed decisions about their fertility journey. Sign up for our mailing list  to get the most up-to-date information about our plans!  

What did the New York Post have to say about this new movement? Read more about it here.

Millennials Highlighting Their Fertility Journey

For too long, fertility challenges have largely been a taboo topic. It’s something that is rarely discussed in public or even among friends and  family members. However, millennials are changing the dialogue, using social media platforms like Instagram and more, to highlight their fertility journeys.

In the last five years, the number of females freezing their eggs has increased almost 15-fold. According to most industry experts, this growth is likely to continue. In addition to the numbers,  the demographics of who is freezing their eggs are also dramatically changing. Until recently, egg freezing was mainly used by women experiencing serious health challenges who worried that medical treatment, such as chemotherapy or radiation, would negatively affect their fertility.

Generation Next Fertility Is Changing The Vision

The scenery is now changing. Through coordinated education and information campaigns, fertility clinics like Generation Next Fertility have worked hard to redefine who freezes eggs and why.  And millennials are responding to this message. A quick scroll through Instagram will show many people chronicling their fertility journeys with pictures of medical procedures and fertility positive hashtags. Friends see these positive messages, and over time, the narrative surrounding fertility evolves.

Generation Next Fertility is at the forefront of making the fertility journey more friendly for millennials, which also means making it more Instagram friendly. The new dedicated space will look less like a traditional medical clinic and more like a hip café, a place where you would want to spend time with your friends. The safe space will also include fertility-themed art that explores the journey of fertility in a positive and visual manner. This dedicated space will set Generation Next Fertility apart from other fertility clinics.

Our New Space With Special Features

The new millennial space will offer special amenities. But clients will also have access to all of the other outstanding services that Generation Next Fertility offers, providing the best of both worlds. Generation Next Fertility prides itself on offering both traditional and natural treatment options, recognizing that patients have different preferences and visions for their fertility journey. These options are grounded in evidence-based best practice. At the same time, the experience at the clinic is always client-focused, and the options provided are driven by our patients’ beliefs and preferences.

Stayed Informed and Subscribe

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