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October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month! The aim for this is to increase awareness about breast cancer and encourage women to undergo early screening. These screenings help detect cancer at an earlier stage when survival rates are higher. As a medical center that focuses on empowering women, Generation Next Fertility is providing discounted services to women who are diagnosed with breast cancer. Generation Next Fertility is excited to stand among the ranks of other companies that are also undertaking initiatives for this worthwhile cause.

Allies In Your Corner

A breast cancer diagnosis can affect anyone, and so this fight calls for all. Here are others who have joined the cause to save lives.

Free Rides Offered by Lyft

Companies across the country recognize the importance of promoting healthy lifestyles, including preventive screenings such as mammograms. Recognizing that patients face many barriers when receiving this care, including transportation, Lyft is offering 1,000 free rides for patients with mammogram appointments in Colorado and Arizona. At Generation Next Fertility, we applaud Lyft and other companies for making such important efforts!

Estée Lauder’s Commitment to Finding the Cure

Among some of the most prominent campaigns is Estée Lauder’s #TimeToEndBreastCancer movement. Founded in 1992, over $150 million has been raised in an effort to find a cure. Generation Next Fertility believes in teamwork, best stated by the co-creator of the iconic Pink Ribbon herself, Evelyn H. Lauder. She states “it really is something that can never be done by any one person; it has to be done by a group.”

Breast Cancer Treatment Has Improved

In the last few decades, significant advances in breast cancer treatment has progressed the ways in which the disease is managed.  Next generation chemotherapy drugs and radiation treatment coupled with earlier screening and interventions have drastically increased the long-term survival rate for breast cancer patients. However, these treatments are not flawless. One common challenge associated with treatment is the negative impacts on fertility, which can be a huge concern for women of childbearing age.

What Generation Next Fertility is Doing

One way to address this challenge is to freeze patients’ eggs before treatment begins. However, harvesting and freezing eggs can be expensive, which puts it outside the budget of many women. Generation Next Fertility understands that patients with cancer are often already burdened with other high medical bills and cannot afford to freeze their eggs. Therefore, Generation Next Fertility has decided to randomly select 25 breast cancer patients to receive a complimentary egg freezing cycle. This initiative was created to provide patients access to options for their future  fertility journeys. In addition to extending this offer to 25 selected women, Generation Next Fertility will also offer discounts on egg freezing and storage to any women who has been diagnosed with breast cancer. Contact Generation Next Fertility at for additional details..

Individualized Services, Every Time

At Generation Next Fertility, our organization’s highly qualified patient care team prides itself on providing optimal, individualized service. Our goal is to address the unique concerns and preferences for every patient we treat. Generation Next Fertility is a patient-centered facility that provides all patients with a range of potential treatment options, including both conventional, mild, and natural choices.

We also pride ourselves on serving a diverse patient population. In recent years, the demographics of women considering egg freezing has changed dramatically. More and more millennial women have begun to consider this option at an earlier age, thus proactively taking control of their fertility journey. Recognizing that the needs of these groups may be different, Generation Next Fertility will be opening a special space uniquely geared towards millennial women in 2019.

Special Offers for Breast Cancer Awareness Month

For more information about Generation Next Fertility’s Breast Cancer Awareness Month special offer or other information about the facility’s comprehensive services, be sure to sign up for our newsletter or follow our social media accounts on Instagram and Facebook.

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