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Positive Lifestyle Changes to Make When Trying to Conceive

Positive Lifestyle Changes to Make When Trying to Conceive

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Conceiving a baby comes easier to some than to others, and while infertility is troubling news to accept, you can still do your part to keep your body and mind at their best. Babies develop and grow best in a healthy environment, and when it comes to conceiving and carrying to term, that environment is your body. No matter how hard we try to be healthy, everybody has vices and bad habits.

Here are a few positive lifestyle changes to consider to make your body baby-friendly, and create a healthy environment for conception:


Kick Bad Habits to the Curb

Whether it’s cigarettes, alcohol, or midnight snacking, they’re called “bad habits” for a reason. The effects of cigarettes and excessive drinking on a human body have been proven to be negative, so imagine how much harm it’s doing not just to you, but to the potential home of your growing child over the nine months of your pregnancy. One of the best lifestyle changes you can make to prepare for conception is saying goodbye to these bad habits once and for all.

If you find it difficult to quit on your own, your doctor can point you in the right direction for smoking cessation tools, help groups, and other support. This will not only be beneficial for starting a family in the future, but it will also make you feel so much better in general.


Get Enough Sleep

Between work, extracurricular activities, working out, keeping a social life, and managing finances and day-to-day housework, most adults have little time for sleep. What’s worse is that once you find the time to relax and rest your head on your pillow, you’re too stressed out to switch off and go to sleep. However, getting enough sleep is important to help your cells regenerate, keep your body at its best, and promote a healthy place for your future baby.

If you find it hard to sleep at night try developing a sleep routine so your body acclimatizes and gets used to a regular bedtime. Eating dinner, brushing your teeth, getting your jammies on and choosing a nighttime activity like reading or listening to the radio before bed will cause your body to become accustomed to this routine and before long, you’ll find yourself getting sleepy. Going to bed at the same time each night will set your biological clock for success.


Choose Whole Foods

It’s difficult to eat healthy. Whether it’s due to time constraints or finance, eating healthy has become progressively more difficult for this generation. To cut back on the junk and make healthier choices, set yourself up for success by choosing whole foods. If there’s nothing but whole fresh ingredients in your fridge and pantry, there’s no chance of you grabbing something pre-made and full of fillers on your way to work.

A great way to create a meal plan that sticks and have the time to eat it is to prepare meals the day before. Some families even choose to prep foods on grocery day when ingredients are being unpacked. Individually packaged chicken breasts, portions of ground beef, and slices of turkey breast for easy access. Pre-wash and slice carrots, cucumbers, lettuce, broccoli, celery, and other fruits and vegetables so they’re easy to grab and go or toss in a pan for a light sear. Store them in freezer bags or reusable glass Tupperware.


It’s always hard to start making changes, but once you get going and develop a routine, it will be easy to stick to and you’ll be glad you did. Speak to your doctor about the positive changes you should be making before you conceive, and how they can affect your chances of becoming pregnant in the future.

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