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Natural Treatment

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Natural IVF

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Natural IVF

Natural IVF is a fertilization process that requires less medications and injections than traditional forms of IVF by working with a woman’s natural menstrual cycle. The process involves collecting the healthiest, most mature egg from the ovary, manually fertilizing the egg, and then placing it back inside the womb. Natural IVF is a great choice for women with low egg reserve and those that tend to be resistant to drugs and injections.

Why Choose Natural IVF?

A woman may choose natural IVF if they would like to avoid taking drugs/injections as much as possible. Some women may have tried some of these drugs in the past with little success and may be looking for a more natural approach to fertilization. Women who have low ovarian reserve are more likely to benefit from this treatment option.

Natural IVF also tends to have a higher rate of success among certain types of patients. The process also tends to be more affordable, as less medications and injections are needed.

The benefits of choosing Natural IVF include:

  • Less side effects
  • Less injections
  • More affordable
  • Working with your body’s natural FSH to produce egg(s) for retrieval
  • No anesthesia necessary for retrieval so you are back to work the same day
  • Achieve better outcomes for select patients

Please contact the fertility specialists at Generation Next Fertility to learn more about natural IVF. We will help you decide if natural IVF is the right choice for you.

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