A semen analysis is best performed after abstaining from ejaculation for 2-5 days. Longer than 5 days may not yield as fresh and accurate of a sample. An analysis of the sperm tells us a few things about it. It tells us the volume of the ejaculate, the count, or concentration of the sperm in the sample, the motility or how many of the sperm are actively moving, and finally the morphology which is a reference to how many sperm look to have a normal shape to them. Male factor infertility could be due to a low count of sperm, a low motility rate (low number of sperm that are moving), or a low morphology (low number of normal appearing sperm). If your partner is experiencing erectile dysfunction or a low sex drive he should be evaluated, but unfortunately male factor infertility often shows no signs. There are options for treatment though! There are treatments options both for him individually (some as simple as oral supplements), and reproductive treatments to help with getting pregnant.

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