These Terms and Condition describe the processes for participating in the Eggtober program.  You should read these Terms and Conditions carefully before submitting an applicationGeneration Next Fertility, PLLC (“Generation Next”) retains the right to modify these Terms and Conditions. 

APromotion Description 

Generation Next is offering complimentary oocyte (egg) collection and freezing services to women who are over the age of 18, have been diagnosed with breast cancer and wish to cryopreserve their eggs. This includes three months of free egg cryopreservation (storage) at Generation Next.   Generation Next will begin accepting applications on September 19th, 2019 through an online submission page that can be located at [https://www.generationnextfertility.com/eggtober/]. All applications need to be submitted prior to November 1st, 2019 in order to be considered.   

If applicants have any questions, Generation Next can be contacted directly by email using the following email address; eggtober@generationnextfertility.com 

B. Eligibility 

Eligible applicants are women over the age of 18 with a current or previous diagnosis of breast cancerEach applicant must submit written approval from her oncologist stating that the applicant has or had a breast cancer diagnosis and may participate in the egg collection cycle. Applicants do not need to be current patients of Generation Next, nor are they required to purchase any additional services from Generation Next.  

All application must be submitted by September 19th, 2019 and prior to November 1st, 2019.

Generation Next employees and their family members are not eligible to participate. 

C. Limitations 

Generation Next Fertility may, in its sole discretion, accept or dismiss applications on the medical discretion of its physicians In addition, the following limitations apply:  

The complimentary services do not include the cost of travel and lodging. 

The complimentary services do not include the cost of the hormone medications the patient will need.  These medications will cost about $2,000–$5,000 if they are not covered by health insurance. Our team will help the patient estimate the amount of medication that will be needed so that the patient can calculate her overall egg freezing cost.  Furthermore, Generation Next will, whenever possible, support the patient in receiving medication at a discounted rate.  

Generation Next will offer the first 3 months of egg storage complimentary if stored at Generation Next. After the first three months of egg storage on site, the patient is responsible for the cost of storage at Generation Next or another storage facility of the patient’s choosing. 

There are additional costs when the patient is ready to thaw and use the eggs to attempt pregnancy. A financial specialist at Generation Next can determine what, if anything, will be covered by your health insurance and what the patient will have to pay herself. Generation Next is not responsible for fees incurred due to the usage of frozen eggs. 

Generation Next Fertility is not responsible for any oncology fees involved. 


DHow to Enter 

Applications to participate in Eggtober will be collected on the Generation Next website through a safe and secure submission page at [https://www.generationnextfertility.com/eggtober/]. All forms must be completed.   Applicants must meet the eligibility requirements listed above and provide Generation Next Fertility with documentation of oncologist approval for treatment.   


Applicants who submit complete applications and are cleared by Generation Next Fertility between October 1st, 2019 and November 1st, 2019 will receive the complimentary services.   


Applicants will be notified between October 2019 and January 2019 if they were or were not selected for the complimentary service. This does not mean that treatment will start at a specific date. There is no guarantee that cycles will start by a certain date nor is there any guarantee that the applicant will receive the cycle once she has been selected. All cycles and cycle timelines will be dictated by the medical discretion of the doctors at Generation Next.   


When applicants apply, they will be asked to provide Generation Next with certain kinds of personally identifiable information (PII”).  Generation Next will take precautions to protect PII and will only use the PII collected from applicants for purposes of evaluating their eligibility to receive the complimentary services.  In addition, Generation Next may use PII to:  a) follow up with applicants regarding their interest and/or use of the Generation Next services; b) keep applicants informed about the status of their applications; c) notify applicants of information or products, services, and promotions that might be of interest; d) improve customer service and overall experience with Generation Next; and/or e) communicate with applicants 

Generation Next Fertility will only share PII: a) with certain Generation Next vendors as described below; b) if the applicant has given consent; or c) as may be required by law.  Generation Next does not otherwise share, sell, or PII or any specific details about the applicantsGeneration Next does not contribute to or participate in cooperative databases, which give other companies access to such personal information.   Examples of when Generation Next might share PII with vendors include to: a) manage a database of information; b) assist in distributing emails; c) assist with direct marketing and data collection; d) provide data storage and analysis; e) provide fraud prevention; f) provide customer service; and/or g) provide other services designed to assist Generation Next in maximizing its business potential. Generation Next requires that these outside vendors agree to keep confidential all information Generation Next shares and to use the information only to perform their obligations in their agreements with Generation Next. 

Applicants will be added to Generation Next’s e-mail list. E-mail addresses will not be sold to or shared with, anyone who is not affiliated with or working for Generation Next. Subscription to the e-mail list can be canceled at any time. To be removed from Generation Next’s e-mail list, please e-mail connect@Generationnextfertility.com and include the name and e-mail address in the message. Please allow 10 business days from when the request was received to complete the removal. 


H. Security 

Generation Next takes appropriate physical, electronic, and administrative steps to maintain the security and accuracy of PII it collects, including limiting the number of people who have physical access to Generation Next’s database servers, as well as employing electronic security systems and password protections that guard against unauthorized access. 

Unfortunately, despite Generation Next’s best efforts, the transmission of data over the Internet cannot be guaranteed to be 100% secure.  While Generation Next will use all reasonable means to ensure the security of information transmitted to Generation Next, Generation Next cannot guarantee that such information will not be intercepted by third parties, and Generation Next will not be liable for the same. Generation Next will provide all reasonable assistance to law enforcement agencies to prosecute any unauthorized or fraudulent transactions to the fullest extent permitted by law. 

I. Your California Privacy Rights 

Under California Civil Code sections 1798.83-1798.84, California residents are entitled to ask Generation Next for a notice describing what categories of PII Generation Next shares with third parties or corporate affiliates for those third parties’ or corporate affiliates’ direct marketing purposes. That notice will identify the categories of information shared and will include a list of the third parties and affiliates with which it was shared, along with their names and addresses. If the applicant is a California resident and would like a copy of this notice, she may submit a written request by e-mail to connect@Generationnextfertility.com. Please allow 30 days for a response. 

J. After Selection  

If an applicant is selected to receive the complimentary services, she will be asked to sign additional consent forms and agreement that will describe the applicable procedures in more detail and Generation Next’s obligations and liabilities in regard the complimentary services.  Selection to receive the complimentary services is not a guarantee that the applicant will have a successful egg extraction or pregnancy.   Once an applicant receives the complimentary services, she will be considered to be a patient of Generation Next and her information will be protected in accordance with Generation Next’s Confidentiality policies.   

Effective Date:   9/19/2019