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Dr. Janelle Luk: Real Talk on the November 5th, 2018 Pregnantish Panel

Dr. Janelle Luk: Real Talk on the November 5th, 2018 Pregnantish Panel

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Dr. Janelle Luk, an award-winning reproductive endocrinologist and the Cofounder and Medical Director at Generation Next Fertility Center, was thrilled to participate in a special screening of One More Shot and a panel discussion on fertility on Monday, November 5.

This special event which brought together a wide range of leading medical professionals, including Luk and a relationship expert and a licensed social worker, was hosted by Pregnantish.  Pregnantish is an organization designed to help families navigate the often challenging fertility journey — similarly, Pregnantish recognizes that the fertility journey is not only about the medical process. It also has a significant impact on relationships and may impact family’s emotional and financial health.

The screened movie, One More Shot, is a documentary that provides an intimate picture of one couple’s fertility journey. This emotional story resonated with the audience — many of whom are going through the same process. After the movie finished, audience members were able to ask questions of Luk, as well as Andrea Syrtash, the founder of and Maya Grobel, a licensed social worker who was one of the filmmakers and stars of One More Shot. Coming from different backgrounds and experiences, the panelists were able to address all of the audience questions in a respectful, compassionate, and empowering manner. The questions were diverse and covered important topics, such as unexplained infertility and early genetic testing.


Dr. Luk and Generation Next Fertility Center believe that panel discussions, like this one, are invaluable in empowering people to make informed decisions about their fertility — this represents a dramatic cultural shift in recent years. And, it is not just medical providers and that are changing the landscape for fertility conversations. Netflix has also played a role by sharing movies, such as One More Shot, Vegas Baby, and Private Life.


If you are interested in watching the panel discussion in its entirety, visit Dr. Luk’s Facebook page.

The event was sponsored by numerous organizations, including: Cooper Surgical, First Response, Cryos International, and Generation Next Fertility Center.


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