Dr. Janelle Luk and Amanda Rice Unite During Breast Cancer Awareness Month and Spread their Mission on Cheddar Big News

Recognizing the importance of fertility issues for women who are undergoing cancer treatment, Vanessa Freeman spoke with Amanda Rice, from Chick Mission, and Dr. Janelle Luk, from Generation Next Fertility Center, to find out more information about the latest efforts in this area.

For the first time ever,Generation Next Fertility Clinic offered Eggtober, in conjunction with Breast Cancer Awareness Month. More than 10 percent of women will be diagnosed with breast cancer during their life, and many of these women are still in their reproductive years. Even though breast cancer treatment has improved dramatically in recent decades, fertility remains a largely overlooked part of cancer treatment. Statistics suggest that approximately 50 percent of doctors do not discuss with patients the impact that chemotherapy and radiation may have on fertility. This leaves women confused and scared.

At Generation Next Fertility, we believe in empowering women with information and support! Our clinic staff talks to each patient about the choices that they have. As part of our Eggtober initiative, we offered free egg retrieval and freezing for 25 patients with breast cancer. And, moving forward, we will continue to offer steep discounts on our services to all cancer patients. Amanda Rice, the founder of Chick Mission, reiterates how important it is to give cancer patients the information to maximize their quality of life. And, fertility should be part of this big picture. Chick Mission works to ensure that fertility decisions are affordable for breast cancer patients. And, this is ultimately the goal for Generation Next Fertility too.  

Our Eggtober initiative underscores Generation Next’s commitment to a holistic approach to patient care. At the Generation Next Fertility center, we are able to successfully combine the best that Western medicine offers with Eastern traditions. And, we do this while always centering our patients personal experiences.  Dr. Janelle Luk explains that giving patients hope for the future is a critical part of what Generation Next Fertility does.