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Using Donor Eggs

We at Generation Next Fertility know that you did not come to the decision to look into donor eggs lightly. Most likely, this has been quite a journey for you. Either you just found out that you are in early menopause, have already had a few unsuccessful IVF cycles, or your age is the factor you are trying to overcome. Regardless of what brought you here, keep in mind, that donor eggs have a very high success rate! So while you may not have been as successful in the past, you are opening up a new page today and the future looks bright!

Take back control of your fertility journey and keep an open mind for the choices offered below.

It can be a simpler process than you think!

4 Steps to Getting Pregnant with YOUR baby


You have been thinking about donor eggs, but you still aren’t perfectly sure this is the right move for you? You are not alone! Let’s walk you through the process, discuss your options, and see if donor eggs might be a good fit.

Pick your donor!

There are SO many choices. You could choose one from the list of donors that Generation Next offers, one from an agency, or a frozen donor egg bank. I know there are a lot of choices, but don’t worry, we will walk you through them. Your typical donor profile almost reads like a dating website, so try to have fun with it! Once you have picked one, Generation Next Fertility will complete any additional screening of the donor as needed.

Collecting those eggs and getting that embryo transferred to you!

There are a couple of choices here:

You want to have a fresh embryo transfer 5 days after the eggs are retrieved? You and the donor will be placed on birth control to have your periods start at the same time, synching so to speak. Then she will start her injections, you will start your estrogen. Once the eggs are retrieved, your partner’s sperm or donor sperm will inseminate the eggs and you will have that embryo transferred 5 days later!

You are thinking about doing genetic testing on the embryos (click here for more info on PGS) or otherwise freezing the embryos? The clinic instructs the donor to start up on her injections, times her egg retrieval, the eggs are fertilized with your partner’s or donor’s sperm, and when the embryos reach the appropriate stage (usually Day 5-7 after retrieval), the embryos are frozen. Then we can time your embryo transfer for when it works for you! You are a busy woman after all!!


Now is the TRULY fun part! You are pregnant! We generally will follow up with you until you are about 9 weeks pregnant and ready to move on to your OB. This may include weekly ultrasounds and some blood tests initially to make sure everything is looking good.

Meet our team and learn more about fertility options. RSVP to a community event near you, or get in touch if you’d like to host a talk!

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