A copayment (sometimes called “copay”) is a fixed amount you pay for a health care service, usually when you receive the service.

For example, Your plan determines what your copay is for different types of services and when you have one.

You may have a copay before you’ve finished paying toward your deductible

You may also have a copay after you pay your deductible and when you owe coinsurance.

Your insurance plan determines what your copay is for different types of services.

Copays can vary for different services within the same plan, like medications, lab tests, and visits to specialists.

Generally, plans with lower monthly premiums have higher copayments.

Plans with higher monthly premiums usually have lower copayments.

To avoid unwanted health-Care billing
surprises, be sure to ALWAYS:

• Ask your insurance company what costs
you must pay out of pocket for your doctor
visit, test, procedure, or surgery.

• Bring your most up-to-date insurance
card(s) to every doctor appointment
and health care visit.

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