Advanced Maternal Age

Maternal Age

What does Advanced Maternal Age (AMA) mean?

There is no universal definition for advanced maternal age but generally, AMA refers to anyone who conceives over the age of 35

AMA is associated with increased difficulty in achieving a healthy pregnancy

AMA has become more common as more women delay having children to fulfill their careers and other aspects of their life

How does Advanced Maternal Age affect fertility?

As women age, ovarian reserve naturally decreases (refer to the Diminished Ovarian Reserve page), along with the quality of eggs

A higher risk of genetic abnormalities in offspring is associated with AMA

How can Assisted Reproductive Treatment like IVF help?

Medication can help increase the number of eggs produced per cycle

Genetic testing can be performed on embryos before implantation to assess chromosomal abnormalities

Embryos or eggs can be frozen and preserved earlier in life before a patient is ready to conceive

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