Advanced Maternal Age

What does Advanced Maternal Age (AMA) mean?

• There is no universal definition for advanced maternal age but generally, AMA refers to anyone who conceives over the age of 35
• AMA is associated with increased difficulty in achieving a healthy pregnancy
• AMA has become more common as more women delay having children to fulfill their careers and other aspects of their life

How does Advanced Maternal Age affect fertility?

  • As women age, ovarian reserve naturally decreases (refer to the Diminished Ovarian Reserve page), along with the quality of eggs
  • A higher risk of genetic abnormalities in offspring is associated with AMA

How can Assisted Reproductive Treatment like IVF help?

  • Medication can help increase the number of eggs produced per cycle
  • Genetic testing can be performed on embryos before implantation to assess chromosomal abnormalities
  • Embryos or eggs can be frozen and preserved earlier in life before a patient is ready to conceive

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