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4 Ways to Ditch Caffeine and Retain the Energy While Trying to Conceive

4 Ways to Ditch Caffeine and Retain the Energy While Trying to Conceive

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Recent studies have suggested that caffeine could be harmful when trying to conceive; it’s also been shown that caffeine during pregnancy isn’t beneficial to your growing fetus.1 So, how do you cut back on that life-giving morning brew and not crash by noon? Here are 4 ways to ditch your caffeine habit and stay awake through lunch.

1. Probiotic Foods and Drinks: Probiotics, healthy microorganisms found in foods like yogurt and miso, are a new craze which might be beneficial to your energy levels. According to research, the human digestive system is linked to energy by properly breaking down and distributing fuel derived from food throughout the body. Probiotics aid in proper digestive health and help the body to use this fuel more effectively.2

Therefore, by trading out your morning coffee for a morning yogurt, you could naturally improve the way that your body manages the energy it gains from meals throughout the day. There are plenty of fun ways to use probiotic rich food, which also include sauerkraut and kimchi, to increase flavor and health benefits throughout the day.

2. Create a Sleep Routine: Sleep is essential to energy; it allows your mind and body to shut down and rejuvenate throughout the night. Stress hurts your sleep cycle, as does an irregular sleep schedule. By creating a new sleep schedule which includes a standard bedtime, and a pre-bedtime wind down, you could essentially improve your rest each night.

Help your body prepare for bedtime by making our bedroom a “sleep only” area. Don’t use your bedroom to read, scan the internet, or watch television. Keep those activities to the office or living room. Set a time of evening when you’d like to begin winding down and try to commit to this every night. Your wind-down might include a hot bath, reading a book, putting on your pajamas, and finally, climbing into bed.

3. Start Juicing: It isn’t just probiotic foods and drinks which can help improve digestion and overall energy efficiency in your body. Vegetables, especially those high in fiber, will help with this as well. One great way to get all of those rich nutrients and vitamins in an easy-to-consume on-the-go method is by juicing.

Of course, you can buy pre-made fruit and vegetable juice at the store, but many of these are from concentrate or aren’t created using the freshest ingredients. To know exactly what you’re getting in your juice, create your own interesting concoctions using everything from carrot, kale and pumpkin to apple, cucumber, and broccoli.

4. Exercise Regularly: You might think that working out will have the opposite effect on your body, making you tired, rather than energized, but regular exercise can rejuvenate you. Not only does it help improve your muscles and cardiovascular health, but it helps burn calories so that your body effectively uses all the calories it collects throughout the day. Not exercising regularly means that your body might store those calories instead, and that’s how weight gain occurs.

Regular exercise will also help your body feel tired when bedtime hits, which will improve your new sleep time routine.

Still finding it difficult to break your habit and part ways with coffee? Try supplementing the above energizing options with some decaf coffee. If you do give in and enjoy caffeine from time to time, try to keep it minimal. Order a small instead of a large, and stick to a dark roast, which generally holds less caffeine than a light or medium roasted coffee bean. Ask your doctor for more great ways to stay alert and kick your caffeine habit to the curb.

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